Christen’s greatest gift may be her ability to really tune in to your body and effectively address what’s presenting in you today. She recognizes that our asymmetry creates imbalance and that a “one-size-fits-all” massage will neither work for every body nor even for the two sides of the same body! She’s got the anatomical knowledge, deft and accurate touch and a genuine desire to heal. I am SO grateful to have found her here in Boulder!
— Gina Caputo,
Yogini On The Loose
Before I started seeing Christen, chronic pain due to a torn labrum in my left hip and tendinitis in my left shoulder was severely limiting my physical activity. Shortly after I started seeing Christen, I was also in a car accident that jarred my neck. Through weekly 90 minute sessions with Christen, I have gotten to a place of almost complete freedom from pain. Furthermore, I am stronger and capable of more physically than I have been in years. As a personal trainer and avid crossfit athlete, this means the world to me. I have seen so much progress over the last few months, and it is carrying over even into my yoga practice and outdoor activities like hiking.

I have been to countless different massage therapists and had massages all over the world, and I can honestly and emphatically say that Christen is as good as they get. She is mindful, attentive, in-tune, and all around exceptionally skilled. Not that personality is necessarily a chief consideration when it comes to selecting a massage therapist, but it just so happens that Christen is also a delightful human being - funny, kind and authentic, and she cares deeply about her work. I cannot say enough good things about her or recommend her more highly.
— Ashley Frank,
Personal trainer & avid Crossfitter
Very effective massage therapists are hard to find. I got lucky once when I lived in Maine, when I had President Bush’s massage therapist, and then got lucky again when I moved to Coloroado, and Christen was sent to me by recommendation. At the time, I had a terrible back injury, sciatica from moving our family & our belongings without movers. Christen re-educated me and these were the most valuable anatomy lessons I’ve ever had. She taught me about my body mechanics, how to care for myself, and through weekly massages and a series of daily care stretches, the sciatica subsided and has not come back!!! Now I see her every week for a time of meditation, comfort, education, and I get my R & R in 2 hours. I’m not a big spender but the math works out so that this ends up being more cost effective than getting re-injured and spending hundreds on x-rays, diagnosis, treatments, medicines, books and classes. I would highly recommend Christen for massage therapy and I hope you have a chance to “feel” the talent that she is.
— -Jessica Inoue, Small Business Owner
I’ve been working with Christen for a couple years and together we’ve set forth a really effective plan for my wellness. Therapeutic massage has become an integral part of allowing me to maintain a high level of activity despite having had past orthopedic issues. Christen really understands what it takes to keep her clients healthy and feeling great!
— Joe N.
Christen has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within. She provides a wonderful service that is not only relaxing, but offers the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs while still making the massage a serene experience. Her massages extend into my day-to-day wellness because Christen helps me to understand what’s going on with my muscles and joints and to identify habits potentially causing aches and pain. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and family.
— Marie Schlihs
Administrative Assistant, Vestas Blades America, Inc.
Christen has amazing hands. She is able to pinpoint and respond to all different kinds of muscular pain. Christen’s caring presence and concern helped relieve the chronic pain that I tolerated for more than 15 years.
— David Gorton, Software Engineer
Christen has a wonderful understanding of how to treat people, both physically and with positive insight and suggestions on ways to improve their general health. The massage itself is done in a very targeted and soothing manner. I go in feeling tight and off balance and emerge feeing refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day. I highly recommend Christen as a provider of massage therapy and someone who cares about your total well-being.
— Matthew Stanek
Manager, Financial Reporting & Analysis
Vestas Blades America, Inc.
Over the past year, I have been able to note the wonderful benefits that Christen provides through massage therapy to get our patients on the right track in their healing process. Her knowledge and skills have been integral in forming a more holistic approach for patients that have sought treatment following surgical procedures, car accidents, injuries, or ones who have developed impaired patterns of movement. She is able to maintain a good balance of charisma and energy, while maintaining a level of professionalism, making her a pleasure to work with for myself and her clients.
— Erin Reeverts, PT, DPT
I had a session with Christen [when] I was in pain due to a mild fall on my butt that spread throughout my spine up to my neck. Christen listened to the details of my pain and she was incredibly tuned with my process. She helped me work through the pain and she went very deep without imposing. She spent the time needed in each area and she was the whole time in perfect harmony with my body’s response. I reached a deep level of relaxation and by the next day, my pain was gone. I will definetely have another session with her and will call her when specific problems arise. She is very detailed, I don’t think she left one muscle unworked on my neck! and at the same time she has the big picture in mind so your whole body in permanently experiencing the energy flow.
— Pati Hartnett, Consultant
Christen comes into my work place every week and it’s the most wonderful thing to happen in my work week. She’s been the only one to relieve the pain I’ve had for years in my shoulders. She always offers a warm and welcoming space that makes me feel completely comfortable. Christen is the first massage therapist to put me in total relaxation, actually listen to my needs and sense what my body is telling her. Christen is amazing and adds a real personal touch. After each session she gives me stretching and wellness advice to keep me on a healthier path. I can’t recommend her services enough!
— Rustin McClelland
Production Worker, Vestas Blades America, Inc.
I’ve received several massages throughout the years and nothing compares to Christen’s. She seems very knowledgeable about the entire massage process…including stretches and specific muscles that affect all areas of the body. I plan on utilizing her skills outside my workplace. I have recommended Christen’s excellent services to several friends.
— Donna Pekas
Executive Administrative Assistant
Vestas Blades America, Inc.